Research and development department in regard to the Industry 4.0

Thời gian thú vị, mọi thứ đang di chuyển nhanh hơn, vào các lĩnh vực mới.

It is very challenging and stimulating to head research and development teams into these new areas of innovation. You probably know that we have for many years been the innovation leader in regard to vacuum and vacuum solutions. Of course, we have no aim in changing that direction. We are and have been for a while adding more and more software to our products, providing connectivity with other products and machines.

On a personal level, it is very stimulating to head a large team of engineers into challenging new areas, to develop new features in the industry for customers. It is very rewarding to know, that what we develop supports the customers today, but also the customers who are ready for the future with all the connectivity in the plant. I can see that the industry is pacing the same way that we can see with consumer goods, as to how to manage your products while on your smart phone, that is happening as we speak in the industry.

Do you want to see how we contribute to this development?

R&D Manager Vacuum Automation Division
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